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The Blue Spinel gemstone is considered a very special rarity.  The beauty you see is completely natural. It is NOT modified by treatments many gemstones are put through to show their full splendor. The darker the gem, the more the price. They are found worldwide, most being the northernest part of the Americas, Eastern Africa and parts of South Asia.  I love the surprise of the find through intuitivity. I had no idea that all the colours used in this piece are indeed all the colours of the Blue Spinel stone. I don't always just get the name right away. Most of the time I am guided to search and I love that as well. 

Blue Spinel Moon (20" x 20")

  • I do anticipate certain costs due to varied international shipping rates, but if additional higher costs incur, I will contact my international customers immediately.

    Thank you,

    LaVonne Nicole ☀️🌙✨

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